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The Best GoPro Cameras for Hunting – 2018 Reviews

Maybe you recently discovered hunting as a hobby, or perhaps you are a seasoned hunter. No matter what the case is, hunting equipment has seen a lot of change over the past years. Nowadays, the GoPro hunting cameras are seen as a leader on the market due to their advanced technology features that improve the […]

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Bushnell AR Optics Review – A Look Behind the Scenes

Bushnell AR Optics Scope at a GlanceUnboxing the AR Optics scope from Bushnell gave us an immediate impression that it was largely modeled on their DMR range of scopes, but the good news was that the AR optics scope costs nearly half the price of the older DMR scopes.The AR Optics scope uses a 25.4 […]

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Homemade Shooting Targets – Your Essential D.I.Y Guide

Because who wants to spend a lot of money on things you’re going to shoot up in any way?Let’s face it: shooting a clay or paper targets is fun, but it can get pretty mundane after you’ve been targeting them for some time. Homemade shooting targets are fun to make and can help you up […]

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How to Use a Scope: Your Essential Guide

When it comes to hunting and shooting, one of the most critical aspects of effectively shooting at a target will be your rifle scope. A lot of folks don’t understand the importance of a great scope, and even more importantly, how to use a scope to its full extent.Most people use rifle scopes without properly […]

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How to Make a BB Gun: The Fun-Time Guide

Maybe you’re a little bored, or perhaps you’d just like to show your kids how they can make their own BB gun at home, but for whatever reason you’re reading this post, be sure that it’s going to provide you with the perfect D.I.Y idea on how to craft your own airsoft gun from scratch!While […]

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Best WW2 Airsoft Guns – How and Where to Find Them

Airsoft guns have to be one of the best engineering triumphs ever, and they make the game of re-enacting classic battles something that everyone wants to do these days.The best WW2 airsoft guns have – in today’s market – completely overtaken the sport, and they’re now dominating online discussions. Whenever a new model comes out, […]

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Best Semi Auto Rifle – Your Essential Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best semi auto rifle can be trickier than it seems, but since ammunition for pellet rifles are becoming that much more affordable than the real deal ammo, quite a few hunters and marksmen have become forced to transition from using regular rifles to air rifles.A good semi-automatic pellet rifle has the power to […]

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Hammerli 850 Review

The Hammerli 850 isn’t your average air rifle. For starters, there’s no pump action required to operate it, which is a refreshing idea, and also part of the reason why it’s enjoyed rising popularity over the last few months. Is the Hammerli Air Rifle really worth considering, or is it just another less-than-capable knock off? […]

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Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle Review

The Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel 0.22 Caliber Air Rifle has enjoyed a popularity craze for a while now, and it’s not hard to understand why. Although it differs in a lot of ways, it’s mostly compared to the likes of the RWS 350. Is this really one of the best air rifles out there, […]

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