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Air Rifle Review – Benjamin Discovery .22

If you are unfamiliar with pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, the Benjamin Discovery .22 is a pretty good place to start. I will get into a more in-depth review of the air rifle towards to the bottom of the page but I do want to touch on the overall pros and cons of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles.

Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles use compressed air as their primary and only power source. There are two different types of pneumatic air rifles, and you can either have the air source built into the gun itself or have an external air tank which will screw in. To fill the air tanks, you can either hand pump or use an external source such as a scuba tank to fill the air rifle quickly.

Benjamin Gauge

Obviously every air gun is different but the base range for a full pneumatic air rifle is 2000psi to 3000psi. To pump an air rifle with 3000psi, it will usually take more than 30 minutes and will provide somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50 high powered shots before requiring a refill. However, once the air rifle is fully charged, you never really let the air rifle get below half before pumping back up again as the quality of shot deteriorates at the air rifle loses pressure.

Pneumatic air rifles are single shot, bolt action rifles which are different than a CO2 air rifle which doesn’t need to be pumped after each shot. Depending on what your intended use of the air rifle is, this feature may deter you from purchasing a pneumatic air rifle especially if you are using it for hunting or the like.

Pneumatic air rifles can be extremely affordable in a lot of cases and since they aren’t like CO2 air rifles which require you to re-load CO2 they are extremely dependable to last a very long time. Plus, with the minimal recoil, it takes the stress off of both the shooter and the air rifle, making every piece of the air rifle stay in top condition.

Benjamin Discovery .22 Air Rifle Review

One of my favorite pneumatic air rifles, the Crosman Benjamin Discover Dual Fuel .22 caliber air rifle is really one of the better value air rifles available on the market today. One thing I was nervous about upon receiving my brand new Benjamin Discovery was how difficult it would be to pump up. I know for a lot of those older or much younger shooters out there, you might not have the patience or ability to pump for 30 minutes straight just to get 35 shots out of your air rifle. However, I was really impressed with how easy it was to manually pump and I was lucky enough to have the particular model I purchased come packaged with a pump.

Benjamin Discover .22 stock

Upon inspection of my new air rifle, I found everything to be of very high quality, especially for what is a fairly affordable pellet gun. What was most impressive was the first shot I took with it which although I might have been a bit lucky, it shot straight as an arrow out of the box with zero break in period! I couldn’t believe it, my first shot was a perfect bulls eye. Now obviously this was a bit lucky but regardless, it was a good omen of things to come for sure.

Power - It's got lots

As this is a dual fuel PCP air rifle that can accept CO2 cartridges or be charged up to 2,000 PSI with a scuba tank or hand pump you'll have no shortage of power options with the Benjamin. Fully charged, it will send a 14.3 grain, .22 caliber pellet up to 900 FPS which works out to about 26 FPE out of the barrel which is extremely impressive. 

Because of the high velocity and power in Benjamin Discovery, it makes an outstanding hunting air rifle that can hold a pretty flat trajectory at long ranges. It provides much more power than your average spring-action air rifle and is great for taking down small game and in some cases even larger pests. And as a bonus, the recoil is fantastic which is what you look for out of a CO2 based device because it helps to improve accuracy.

How Accurate is the Benjamin Discovery .22?

With some of the higher-power air rifles, accuracy can take a bit of a hit. But that's not the case with the Benjamin Discovery .22. Upon our tests, it's pretty much accurate right out of the box, but if you add it with a high quality scope, you'll be hitting nickle sized hole patterns in no time. 

And unlike springers, there is no harsh recoil with the PCP power so shot after shot you'll be smooth as a whistle. Couple that with a 3.75-pound trigger pull and firing this air rifle is nothing but a dream. One other component I really like about the Benjamin Discovery .22 is that it's great even for beginners. It might not have the safety features which are appropriate for younger shooters but it is relatively easy to use for those who are just learning about the sport.

25- Shot Capacity

The Benjamin Discovery can fire up to about 25 shots on a single fill before power begins to drop. It's a single-shot, bolt action rifle though and unlike a spring-piston rifle, which can only fire a single shot with each cocking, the Benjamin Discovery .22 can fire over and over again.

One of the drawbacks to the Discovery is the noise. Although pneumatic air rifles are not known for being particularly loud, the Discovery is on the loud side to the point that shooting it in your backyard might be a bit much. If you live in a more rural area, I don’t think it’s a problem but it is something to be aware of.

Although no pneumatic air rifle will be making the list for the most powerful air rifle the discovery .22 does shoot up to 900 FPS which is something to make note of. Perhaps it explains why it’s a bit on the louder side, I was super impressed by just how little recoil I experienced firing it. I know pneumatic air rifles are known for having very little recoil but for how much power this rifle features, I thought I’d experience a bit more than what I got. Regardless, I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Since you don’t want to let a pneumatic air rifle get down to zero pressure, you’ll want to refill the air rifle when it reaches about the 1200psi range. The main reason for this is because the air rifle will not produce enough power when below 1200psi to give you a consistent shot. Another reason is based on pure convenience. Once it hit’s 1200psi, it will only take about 5-10 minutes of pumping rather than the 30 minutes it takes to pump the entire air rifle up.

Final Verdict:

The Benjamin Discovery .22 air rifle is one of the best pneumatic air rifle options out there and for a number of reasons. For anyone except the avid hunter, I really recommend this air rifle as it will provide you with a consistently accurate experience for a long time to come. It comes highly recommended from the team at Pellet Gun Guru but if you want to read more reviews, just click HERE!


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