Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 Review

Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 Review

You might remember the review we did on the Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, and today, it’s time we showed you a little more about another famous Benjamin…the Trail NP XL1100.

The Benjamin Trail comes available in three different models: the NP, the NP XL, and the NP2, each of which brings its own advantages and drawbacks to the table. Today we’ll be covering the NP XL 1100

Benjamin Trail NP Review

Here’s What We Love:

Power is the aim of the game

The Benjamin Marauder NP XL 1100 can generate roughly 30 ft.-lbs. of energy at its muzzle, making it a power horse! If you’re looking for ‘Magnum’ power, the NP XL is the obvious choice. The NP XL was designed with bigger-game hunters in mind. It’s seriously powerful and that’s one of the biggest draws to this series.

Passable Scope & Trigger

The CenterPoint 3-9-40AO scope that comes with the Benjamin Trail rifles won’t blow your mind, but it delivers more than sufficient optics and it’s pretty clear too. The trigger is…well it’s not really great, but when compared to that you’ll find on the original NP, there’s a lot of improvement. All in all, the scope and trigger aren’t wonderful, but they’re not terrible either. It’s a love-hate judgment here.

It Shoots Quietly

Well at least it tries to shoot fairly quietly. The original Benjamin Trail NP shoots a lot quieter than the NP XL 1100. We found that after the initial break-in period, the rifle quieted down a lot. Another thing to keep in mind is the bullets you’re using. If you’re firing lightweight alloy pellets that travel at the speed of light, this rifle will strike you as one of the loudest you’ve ever tried. If you keep velocities below 1000 FPS, it quiets down the sound and also improves on your accuracy. You’re welcome.

It is Accurate
Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL1100

The NP XL has amazingly good accuracy, and has the ability to do 1” groups at distances of up to 50 yards. If you’re able to kit out your Ben Trail NP XL with an aftermarket trigger and better optics, you can bet your behind it’ll be even more accurate. Another thing we need to mention here is the fact that the NP XL has a break-in time that’s considerably shorter than you’d find with the original NP, which means you can get down to serious business a lot faster with the Crossman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100.

It’s Durable and Rugged

The fit and finish on the Trail NP XL 1100 speaks of a solid construction, and also ensures that it’s robust enough to handle bigger jobs with the utmost of ease. The XL 1100 also comes in a wood stock option, which adds a touch of sophistication to its looks. Overall, the XL 1100 looks beastly and seriously attractive!

Here’s What Could Have Been Better:

It’s a Beast (possibly too wild for some)

The Benjamin Trail NP XL is big, and it’s heavy, which might be overkill for some of you. It measures in at 49 inches and hits the scale at roughly 8.5 pounds, without a scope! You can feel that it’s rugged and durable, but its weight and size could potentially offset a lot of hunters out there.

It Requires Power to Cock

If you’re cool with putting in 45 to 50 pounds of power to cock the XL, then this shouldn’t be an issue, but for most folks, it’ll tire them out before they’ve hit the 20-shot mark.

Our Final Verdict:

Look: The Trail NP XL1100 wasn’t made with rookies in mind. If you’re an experienced shooter and you’ve got the stamina to handle this beast, then it’ll provide you with some of the best experiences you’ll ever have with an air rifle, plus you’ll love the accuracy and durability that comes as part of the package.

Would We Recommend the NP XL1100 Over Other Benjamin Trail Models?

Definitely and here’s why:

  • The Original NP Trail is your entry-level option. Its user friendly, but you’ll have to be prepared to do      a lot of breaking in with the NP, and accept the fact that it won’t give you as much power as the NP2      or NP XL.
  • The NP2 offers you a compact design that still has a lot of power behind its shots. It’s also a                      lightweight option, unlike the XL. But be prepared to pay top dollar for an NP2 trail, even though it        might look a little cheap.
  • The Trail NP XL offers you maximum value and power, but demands that its users be able-bodied to      handle that first date.

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