The Best GoPro Cameras for Hunting – 2018 Reviews

Maybe you recently discovered hunting as a hobby, or perhaps you are a seasoned hunter. No matter what the case is, hunting equipment has seen a lot of change over the past years. Nowadays, the GoPro hunting cameras are seen as a leader on the market due to their advanced technology features that improve the experience of any adventurer.

The GoPro hunting accessories can be used in a variety of ways, from spicing up your hunting trip to documenting it in order to review it later. But, what is the best GoPro camera for hunting this year?

Let’s have a look at the cameras below, and compare their features for a better idea.

GoPro HERO Session

By price (check price and see further specs here), this GoPro model might be the most affordable. However it doesn’t mean this small device doesn’t come packed with features. You can submerge it up to 33 feet without using a protective case. This also means that if you’re out and about in the rain you can still use it with little to worry about.

This product is super easy to use as all you have to do is press a button for the recording to start. Be wary that you can store no more than 128GB on it. You can also install a memory card of up to 32 GB to expand the storage capabilities.

The battery is said to last about 2 hours of continuous use. The major downside of this camera is that you can’t change the battery: you have to recharge it instead. This could be a small compromise when you want to use something really small and compact.

This could be the best GoPro for hunting especially if you never used this camera brand before and because of its sheer size. No matter what you want to attach it to, the HERO Session will add almost no extra weight as it’s not heavier than 2.56 ounces by itself.

If you want to mount the HERO Session camera to any other item, you can use either the curved or flat adhesive mount or even the mounting buckle and hardware.

You can take photos up to 8MP and 10FPS Burst and videos up to 1440p30 or 1080p60. Once you’re ready to unload the camera’s memory, you can use either its WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. This device also comes with a micro-USB cable that can also be used for this purpose.

One thing to remember is that you should check its settings before you start recording or taking pictures. This is how you can make sure their quality will be the expected one. You have access to the settings through the Gopro app, so you’ll also need to have your smartphone near when trying them out.

GoPro HERO5 Session

This 33 feet waterproof camera (see full specs and check price here) has a sturdy design and can be easily carried in your pocket. Its 4k video resolution is impressive, and you can take 10 MB photos in 3 modes: burst, single, and time burst. Remember to use a separate housing if you enjoy diving.

The camera features an easy to turn on shutter button, and a electronic image stabilization that allows you to record high quality footage. You can quickly adjust your settings by using the the GoPro app, however the HERO5 Session also includes an intuitive button for simple tasks.
When you are in a hurry and don’t want to use the app, access the second-button operation for editing.

The rugged design is enhanced by the screw-on cover that can be removed when needed. You will also get a faster 2.5 seconds record delay when activating the one-button filming. Share, view and edit your recordings no matter where you are by uploading them to cloud, and use the the hands-free option when on the move.

Some of this camera’s settings include saturation and contrast adjustments, as well as the possibility to increase the audio up to 200 percent. Decrease the gamma and brightness by using the Flat Color Profile.The linear FOV function lets you take wider FOV style shots without the fisheye.

This Gopro HERO5 Session has a 1080 resolution for video viewing and an in-app ProTune mode that increases video quality. Wildlife will not be scared off as the camera doesn’t include LED lights or sounds.

Keep in mind you will need to update the camera’s software and firmware upon switch on. All the updates can be easily downloaded directly from the GoPro website.

GoPro HERO5 Black

The HERO5 Black is a sturdy and highly stable camera (see full specs and check price here) that can be used on any terrain without any shaking going on. Furthermore, it is also fully waterproof up to 33 feet and features a built-in housing for enhanced durability.

It has be noted that the watertight housing of the camera bumps up against a button, which can be inconvenient when fitting it in. However, the durable plastic and large touch screen of this GoPro for hunting makes a reliable hunting accessory.

The camera lets you trim videos, adjust settings, but also playback and review footage. All this can be done directly from your GoPro. You can take great 12 MP photos and 4K video in 3 modes: time lapse, single, and burst.

The HERO5 Black is easy to use thanks to its touch display and one button feature. Record stable video, crisp sound, and take high quality pictures no matter where you are. The 4k perspectives allow your friends to view the footage just as if they were there.

Whenever you want to share or edit your pictures, the camera uploads them to cloud for easy access. You can also use the the GoPro mobile app for video editing. This GoPro camera for hunting includes a GPS function for location tracking and voice control.

The HERO5 Black is lightweight, quick to charge and features a fast Android connectivity for whenever you are on the go. The Capture app allows you to view your shots while also guiding your arm for improved results. The battery life lets you record up to 2 hours of footage and upload it using your smartphone.

This hunting camera offers a built-in stabilization feature and multi-directional recording that allows for raw footage to be heard well.

While previous models took some time getting used to, the Black model has a user friendly interface and is easy to handle. It can also be used with up to 128GB memory cards.

GoPro HERO6 Black

Some people are interested in diving with their cameras, and the GoPro HERO6 Black delivers just that. You can submerge the HERO6 Black up to 33 feet (or 10 meters) without the need for a special case. This is definitely a plus if you decide to go fishing (see full specs and check price here).

When it comes to capturing videos on the move, the camera can record very smooth images regardless of it mounted on special gear or handheld. This feature is thanks to the powerful stabilization feature installed on this gadget.

The 4K60 and 1080p240 features will result in a top-notch video. The device also has an improved processor when compared to the previous models. The better processor means the images and the videos will be far superior.

This small camera has a touch compatible screen with a diagonal of 2 inches. These 2 features means you can easily zoom in while you’re filming. This GoPro has 3 microphones and updated voice control to make it easier to start recording in the wild.

This GoPro hunting camera has built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. These two features speed up the process of offloading the footage as soon as it is recorded. This being said, the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection works only with other devices that also have this technology installed. Otherwise, the connection will use a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

To take full advantage of this feature, make sure you have the Quik mobile app installed on your smartphone. Don’t worry as this application is free of charge on both Android and Apple devices.

The GoPro HERO6 Black is packed with many other features. One of them will prove extremely helpful if you fear of getting lost: GPS. Another feature you’ll definitely like is the one allowing you to film and take pictures regardless of how much light you have. Both night and day pictures and clips can be recorded with a time lapse as well.

GoPro Camo Housing and QuickClip

If you’re scared of being noticed because of your camera having a different color than the surrounding, a camo print might be a good idea. Using a GoPro for hunting with this camo case (see full specs and check current price here) installed could help you blend more with the nature around. This print can be used at any time of the year in almost any habitat, turning your device into the best GoPro for hunting and fishing.

This case is not shiny for a reflective surface could scare away wildlife. Make sure to also use the included LCD Concealment Stickers that further reduce the risk of light reflecting off of your camera. These are applied to the case’ window and not directly on the camera.

You’ll particularly like to use this product around water. The housing allows you to dive with your GoPro down to 130 feet, or 40 meters. Whether you dive or not, you’ll probably want or need both your hands to operate other gadgets. The QuickClip allows you to attach the camera to any item or material with a thickness between 3mm to 10mm.

This casing also includes Standard, Skeleton and Touch Backdoors. You can use it with any of the HERO4 Black or Silver, HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras. It weighs just 5.6 ounces thus you have minimal weight added to your gear, which is another plus.

Top tips for using a GoPro camera for hunting

Using a GoPro camera for hunting takes some time getting used to, but after a while will revolutionize your outdoors experience. Here are some GoPro hunting tips that will help you get the best shots to make new and amazing memories.

Watch your distance

If you want to make the best of your footage, a good idea is using the 1080p ultra-wide view mode. However, this setting works best when you are located at a short distance from the object of your recording. Place the camera at a comfortable distance and go 50% percent closer to maximize the results.

Don’t forget the mount

A GoPro hunting kit can be used with various mounts, but opt for a tough one that can withstand any terrain conditions. The right mount will have a tight clamp and keep your camera in place. You should be able to clamp it down on pretty much anything available at the time – which lets you focus your attention on the shots.

Pay attention to the audio

The cameras include a waterproof housing that can be used to record audio. Despite this, recording hunting sounds with it on can be a struggle. Try using the slotted back plate instead for the best results. The GoPro Hero camera models are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet on a rainy day.

Get good light

GoPro cameras include low light settings that make it easy to shoot in the early morning or late evening. Typically these hours are favored for hunting activities, however mid-day hours allow for the best footage. You can shoot an record at pretty much any time, but wait for the sun to come out if you want high quality recordings.

Mind your computer’s hardware

No matter the camera model you get, you should pay attention to its compatibility with your computer, if you want to edit the footage before sharing it with the world. Compatibility issues arise when the quality of the video is too high and your machine doesn’t hardware powerful enough to edit it.

Some final words

All of the above reviewed GoPro cameras:

are really good for hunting or any other outdoor activity. They’re really easy to use, don’t occupy a lot of space, and are super lightweight. When paired with appropriate accessories, they become powerful tools that help you document your adventures and achievements.


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