Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel

Best Pellet Gun Under $200

When considering the purchase of a pellet gun, you want to consider a number of factors. One of those factors which seems to always come into consideration is price which is why I thought it might be handy to share my choice for the best pellet gun under $200.

I wanted to take a number of other factors into consideration because what might be the best pellet gun for me, might not be the best pellet gun for the next guy. The main reason for this is because pellet guns are multi functional and can be used for completely different things. I for example don’t typically like to hunt small game with pellet guns and typically use the guns recreationally for plinking or target shooting. I however do ‘hunt’ pests around our property which is a bit of a different story and I have a different air rifle for that purpose.

The other factor which is related to my point regarding use is the caliber of air rifle. If you are going to be doing target shooting and plinking primarily, you do not want to buy a .25 pellet gun as it just provides too much power, is more expensive and is a little bit more limiting than a .177 caliber or .22 caliber air rifle.

When I think of the best air rifle for under $200 I would generally stray away from looking for something outside of recreational shooting. Obviously as pellet guns get cheaper, you lose quality in relation to power and accuracy which is something you need both of when shooting animals or else you risk causing damage to an animal which will end up dying a very slow and painful death.

Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle (.22 Caliber)

Now although the Crosman Nitro isn’t ALWAYS under $200, I have seen it on sale multiple times for just over $150 which makes this rifle an absolute steal. A classic break-barrel air rifle, it fires up to 1000 FPS which is about as good as it gets as far as air rifles are concerned, especially in the .22 caliber range.

The Nitro Venom is also one of the more versatile options as it is both a great target shooter as well a powerful air rifle delivering up to 21 FPE which is enough energy to take care of small pests and game. It’s also surprisingly quiet for such a powerful air rifle which is good news as it’s built with Crosman’s Nitro Piston technology which both makes it 70% quieter than traditional coiled spring air rifles and has minimal recoil effect.

The other benefit to the Nitro Piston is that the fun is actually easier to cock which makes this rifle ideal for younger shooters who are learning to shoot for their first time. Accuracy wise, it’s been a pleasure to shoot and after getting through the break in period which is about 250 shots, the Crosman Nitro has continued to deliver fantastic accuracy up to around 35 yards which is pretty standard for a rifle of this caliber.

Gamo Hornet Air Rifle (.177 Caliber)

Always an option under $200 it is perhaps our true choice for best pellet gun under $200 as it’s both built with quality, reliability and comes at price which isn’t going to break the bank by any means. A .177 caliber break-barrel air rifle, it’s length of 43.3 inches and an overall weight of 6.1 pounds makes this a very well balanced air rifle as well. Great for first timers and veterans alike, it fires up to 1,200 FPS which is impressive considering the price point.

Obviously you’re not getting the exact same quality as a more expensive air rifle, and it’s hollow plastic stock leave a something to be desired, it’s performance is pretty spectacular. Give yourself a pretty healthy break-in period of around 300 shots and hopefully, you’ll be shooting within a dime diameter in no time from a distance up to about 30 feet.

Check all the screws when it arrives as I did need to do some adjusting to get everything lined up correctly. The scope provided is pretty much useless but you do have the option of changing out the scope and I do highly recommend this.

As a great value air rifle, it’s definitely made our list as the number one choice for best air rifle under $200.


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