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Best WW2 Airsoft Guns – How and Where to Find Them

Airsoft guns have to be one of the best engineering triumphs ever, and they make the game of re-enacting classic battles something that everyone wants to do these days.

The best WW2 airsoft guns have - in today’s market - completely overtaken the sport, and they’re now dominating online discussions. Whenever a new model comes out, capturing the very essence of its namesake, it creates waves across the airsoft world.

But here’s the catch: With such a plethora of seemingly amazing airsoft replicas out there, how do you distinguish between the brilliant and the less-than-wonderful options? Well, you can start by taking some of our advice and doing your own research on the great World War 2 airsoft guns we’re about to recommend.

Why Do So Many Hobbyists Choose to Buy WW2 Airsoft Guns?

best ww2 airsoft guns

The mid-century's allied weapon replicas have always been a popular choice for airsoft fanatics since they are manufactured by forward-looking companies that give average fans more choice when it comes to designs that resonate with historically resonant war games.

The airsoft guns available on the market today have been replicated with the utmost precision, making it hard to differentiate between the real deal and replica models.

However much you’ve coveted a real firearm, there’s probably a great replica airsoft gun out there for you. With just a little research, you might be able to find just the gun to help you recreate some much-cherished memories.

What Are the Best WW2 Airsoft Guns?

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best and most famous World War II airsoft guns currently available on the market, and we’ve given them all a run for their money. Take a look at our roundup and then decide whether any one of these guns might be your ideal fit!

1. Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson

Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson

Feet per Second: 290

Materials Used for Construction: Alloy & Plastic

Gearbox Type: V3

Why You Should Consider this Weapon:

Japanese made, the Tokyo Mauri Thompson WW2 airsoft gun is electrically powered and shoots at a speed of around 290 feet per second. The great thing about this rifle is the fact that it’s fully upgradable. The parts on this gun that look like they’re made out of wood are constructed of durable ABS plastic, and so is the lower receiver.

As far as the rest of the weapon goes, it’s made out of alloy materials. Some Thompson trademarks are engraved on the sides of the receiver, and since the plastic stock look’s identical to the real deal, it’s a great replica airsoft gun!

The Pros:
  • Durable
  • Not too expensive
  • Very reliable
The Cons:
  • The seams on the plastic stock might putt some airsoft fans off
  • The exterior barrel might be a little flimsy

2. CYMA M1A1 Thompson

CYMA MIAI Thompson

Feet per Second: 350 - 380

Materials Used for Construction: Plastic & Alloy

Gearbox Type: V3

Why You Should Consider this Weapon:

If you’re slightly more limited regarding your budget, the CYMA MIAI Thompson could be an excellent choice since it might cost you around $150 less than the Tokyo Mauri Thompson. It’s a Chinese made airsoft replica of the Tokyo Mauri M1A1 Thompson and basically looks identical to the real deal.

With good accuracy and a hard hitting shooting power straight out of the box, this is a perfect WW2 airsoft gun. The accuracy and FPS power can easily be upgraded, should you find it necessary.

The Pros:
  • Perfect replica
  • Accuracy is on key
  • The weapon is fully upgradable
The Cons:
  • The gearbox internals don’t come greased with quality products and should thus be cleaned out and re-greased before being used for the first time
  • The barrel is known to break after extended use

3. ICS M1 Garand

ICS M1 Garand

Feet per Second: 360

Materials Used for Construction: Steel, Alloy & Wood

Gearbox: V7

Why You Should Consider this Weapon:

If you’ve got a little more cash to splash for the sake of investing in a brilliant WW2 airsoft gun, the ICS MI Garand might just be your weapon of choice. This AEG M1 Garand replica boasts 8MM steel bushings, a 300-Turbo motor, an upgraded steel gear set, low resistance wires, and a MOSFET system internally.

It’s a very accurate and reliable airsoft gun, but there are some small inaccuracies when you compare it to the real Garand. Overall, you can’t go wrong with choosing this great rifle.

The Pros:
  • Very accurate and reliable
  • Powerful
  • Very durable and rugged
The Cons:
  • Only a few minor inaccuracies when compared to the real Garand rifle
  • The gas cylinder is a bit too big

4. Ares M3A1 Grease Gun

Ares M3A1 Grease Gun

Feet per Second: 330

Materials Used for Construction: Steel

Gearbox: Custom

Why You Should Consider this Weapon:

If you’re looking for a great replica of the real M3A1 Grease Gun, the Ares grease gun comes in as a great choice. This electric gun has outer parts which are constructed purely out of stamped steel, just like the real weapons.

The paint job is also done very neatly and makes the gun look like an authentic late-war model. With the Ares’ custom-type non-reinforced gearbox, this rifle is, for the most part, upgradable.

The Pros:
  • Very great looking replica
  • Very durable and rugged
  • Very reasonably priced for a rifle of this caliber
The Cons:
  • Very hard to disassemble
  • The battery sits in the 65-round magazine, so you’ll need a battery for each clip you have

5. ICS M3 Grease Gun

ICS M3 Grease Gun

Feet per Second: 330

Materials Used for Construction: Palmer, Steel & Alloy

Gearbox: V3

Why You Should Consider this Weapon:

As an electrically-powered airsoft gun firing at a speed of roughly 350 feet per second, the ICS M3 Grease Gun is modeled after the WW2 M3 Grease Gun which had been in use in the war. This comes in as our best budget pick for this roundup, but just because it’s a budget deal doesn’t’ make it any worse than our other picks.

Since this gun is mainly constructed out of metal, it’s very rugged and durable. This might be your best option if you’re looking to purchase a great replica at a price that won’t blow your budget!

The Pros:
  • Best budget buy
  • Durable construction
  • Looks very real
The Cons:
  • Only accurate up to 150 feet
  • Difficult to disassemble without the proper know-how

Final Thoughts

We hope that this post has given you some valuable insight as to what your options are when it comes to purchasing the best WW2 airsoft gun. All you need to do now is go out and test these rifles for yourself to try and determine which one of them will best suit your individual needs and preferences!


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