Benjamin Sheridan Blue Streak CB9 Pellet Gun

Bolt Action Pellet Gun

A weapon can be described as a Bolt Action Pellet Gun when it’s manually operated by opening and closing the breech with a little handle. This little handle then unlocks the bolt, after which the barrel is opened, the used cartridge is taken out, firing pin cocked and a new cartridge gets inserted and finally the bolt is closed. The spring and the pin are the only moving parts when these weapons are fired, essentially minimizing the risk of malfunctioning or being thrown off target.

What about bolt action design?

Generally, there are three major role players in the bolt action design area and they are the Mauser system, the Mosin-Nagant system and the Lee-Enfield system. Mauser is the system most typically used.

These designs all differ in the way that the bolt fits into the receiver, how the bolt rotates while in use, the amount of locking lugs holding the bolt in place as you fire the rifle, and if the action is cocked upon the opening or upon the closing of the bolt.

Mauser can handle higher pressure cartridges, while the other two systems are generally a little weaker. Being the standard infantry firearms within most of the world’s militaries back in their day, the Bolt Action Rifles have since been replaced by other rifles such as semi-automatics. The reason why so many people today still choose to use them however is because they are easier to operate from a prone position.

Bolt Action Pellet Guns are great for snipers, hunters and target shooting alike and give that real authentic firearm experience.

What are the Pros of Bolt Action Pellet Guns?

  • They are generally lightweight
  • You might find that they cost much less than other air rifles
  • They have great accuracy
  • Because of the few moving parts, the maintenance on bolt action pellet guns is considerably easier and costs much less time and effort

What are the Cons of Bolt Action Pellet Guns?

  • Because it takes a cocking action to load the rifle, they have a lower rate of fire
  • It also takes longer to get everything ready for firing than say a semi-automatic so they have a slower load time

So what are the Best Bolt Action Pellet Guns?

The variety of Bolt Action Pellet Guns on the market today is far and wide, but we’ve rounded up some of the best in order to help you see which names come out on top in this field.

Daisy Avanti 853 Pellet Gun

To allow for insert spacers (which are essential for adjusting the length of pull for the shooter’s size) the Daisy Avanti is capped with a removable butt pad on the sporter hardwood stock. The caliber of the Avanti is 0.177 and it has a Lothar Walther barrel with a right hand twist. The rear sight is micrometer adjustable while the front sight has interchangeable aperture inserts. Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds, we really love this pellet gun for its great accuracy and reliability.

Daisy Avanti 853 Pellet Gun

Benjamin Sheridan Blue Streak CB9 Pellet Gun

Weighing in at 6 pounds, this bolt action pellet gun is just a little heavier than the Daisy and has a .20 caliber. We really love the look of this rifle with its black finishes and brass barrel. It has a 675 FPS velocity, variable by up to 8 pumps. The trigger on the Sheridan is two stage non-adjustable. The one thing that might put you off a little is the fact that this rifle is not suitable for fitting with a scope.

Benjamin Sheridan Blue Streak CB9 Pellet Gun

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle

With its Monte Carlo stock design in American Hardwood, and its rifled brass barrel with fully adjustable sights, the Benjamin 392 really looks great. But it doesn’t stop with the looks though. It shoots up to 685 Feet per Second so this single shot bolt action rifle is really powerful. It’s ideal for target shooting and pest control so it’s great for beginners and experienced shooters alike. The Benjamin name brings with it timeless performance and dependable accuracy, keeping it in the top ranks over the years.

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle

Wrapping it up

We’ve shown you three of the top bolt action pellet guns on the market today, but in essence there really isn’t a right or wrong gun, it all comes down to you age, experience and preferences when it comes to choosing the gun that’s right for you. Hopefully this article has given you some great insight as to what’s available on the market and will help you make an informed decision.


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