Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

The Big Cat has been ranted about for quite some while now, and if you’re still now sure what the special features of this rifle are, you’re in for a real treat. Sit back, read our review, and see how the Gamo Big Cat 1250 can take your shooting skills to the next level, regardless of your experience!

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

At a Glance

Since the Gamo 1250 is a spring-powered air rifle, you’ll never have to worry about stocking up on CO2 canisters, or having umping equipment around, and you probably already know that cocking and firing takes just a second.

When we first made acquaintances with the Big Cat, we were impressed by its handsome looks, considering it came at such a cheap price. The heavy-duty air rifle offers you supersonic velocity, extreme power, and ease of use that isn’t often found in these class rifles.

The Barrel

The Big Cat Gamo 1250 has a rifle barrel, which as you know, causes the pellet to spin. This means you get more stability from the pellet, which ensures more accuracy and an improved shooting range. Since it’s a fluted barrel, it’s lighter and dissipates heat quicker, so you get to shoot for extended periods of time without having to dread an overheating scenario.

The Stock

The all-weather, synthetic black stock on the Gamo 1250 ensures that it won’t need constant maintenance and will also withstand the outdoor elements, unlike a wood stock would. We really appreciated the non-slip, textured design on the grip and forearm since it added stability during shooting and also helped prevent slippage issues when things got a little wet outside.


The Gamo Big Cat operates at its best when used with .177 PBA platinum pellets. As part of your purchase, you get 50 pellets with your rifle. The Performance Ballistic Alloy pellets are domed and weigh in at 4.7 grains. They’re 50% harder and 30% more accurate than regular pellets. This all equates to more velocity and better accuracy, if and when you use the right ammo for the Big Cat. The only downside to the PBAs is the fact that they’re not nearly as cheap as regular pellets, which is why the Big Cat also takes regular .177 pellets.


The Gamo 1250 shoots at 1250 FPS with the recommended pellets, and about 1000 FPS with regular lead pellets. In short: It’s a magnum pellet gun that reaches supersonic velocities when used with the PBA pellets. It’ll give you a shooting range of roughly 100 yards, and the accuracy of the Big Cat depends on your shooting level and skill, it’s really as easy as that.


When you use PBA pellets, the Big Cat is loud because your pellets are traveling faster than the speed of sound. When used with regular lead pellets however, the speed is subsonic, and doesn’t cause the crack sound (as with the PBA pellets) when pellets break the sound barrier.

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

The Pros:

  • PBA pellets are outstanding performers
  • It offers high penetration power and                supersonic velocity
  • The synthetic stock is weather-proof
  • The recoil pad and non-slip texture is very      useful
  • The rifled and fluted barrel performs great
  • The scope is perfect for applications                  requiring a 40 yard or less shooting range
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s lightweight and durable
  • It’s affordable

The Cons:

  • PBA pellets make the rifle noisy
  • The PBA pellets are expensive
  • The scope won’t impress you if you need to    shoot in excess of 40 yards

Final Thoughts

We love everything about the Gamo Big Cat 1250. From its supersonic velocity to its great power and reliable accuracy, this rifle offers you a lot more value than you’d expect to get from a $100-range product. The Big Cat scored a solid 9 out of 10 in our books, and makes it one of our favorite break-barrel recommendations!


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