Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

When it comes to something like pest control, one of the easiest ways to get “rid” of the problem is turning to a great air rifle, more specifically something as impressive as the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle.

We’ve tested this bad boy out and give you all the info you could ever need on it, so if you have your mind on a Whisper Silent Air Rifle, have a look at what great perks (like bringing in tight groupings at 20 meters) this one brings you.

The deal on the Noise Dampener

Mounted on the barrel of the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is the non-removable noise dampener, which effectively cuts noise in half, making it that much more attractive. You would think that with this alluring dampener it might offset the accuracy a little, but nothing could be further from the truth, this rifle’s accuracy is seriously impressive.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

So HOW quiet is it then?

To be frank, this rifle is silent for all goals and purposes, just the way Gamo has been marketing it. This is great news because it means if and when you do use it, you won’t be scaring game off or making a racket in the neighborhood. It’s not completely silent, but the noise dampener dramatically reduces the noise level.

On the point of accuracy…

This must be one of the most impressive features the Whisper Silent Air Rifle brings, and that’s its dead on accuracy. What contributes to the accuracy might also be the design of the synthetic stock. It’s super comfortable to hold, even over a long day of shooting, and contributes to the accuracy.

Is the Silent Cat suitable for Beginners?

Yes! That’s what makes it so great. It’s perfect for rookies and advanced shooters alike due to the design of the break barrel and a spring piston system, which also means it’s not that heavy on maintenance. It's also great for youth because it's not overly heavy and doesn't have tremendous kick back.

I actually had someone who bought the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle for their 9 year old. It was probably a bit too big for the boy at that time but in a couple of years, he surely grew into it. And if you're a parent who hopes your son or daughter grows up shooting their whole lives, it's great to get them started with an air rifle of some quality.

That being said, let’s just have a look at the specs:

  • The design of the Whisper Silent Cat is immaculate. Honestly, it's a gorgeously designed air rifle with alot of swagger, You won't be looking like an amateur rolling up to the range with an air rifle like the Gamo Silent Cat.
  • There’s a manual release trigger safety as well as an automatic cocking safety feature
  • The recoil absorption comfortability is great thanks to the deluxe ventilated rubber pad it has on the front end of the stock
  • It comes standard with fiber optic sights as well as a 4X32 rifle scope
  • We love the fact that this air rifle is suitable for left and right handed shooters thanks to the twin cheek pads
  • It can fire PBA ammo at 1200 feet per second

What’s there NOT to love?

Even though this whisper silent air rifle seriously impressed us, there are a few things you should be aware before taking the plunge and investing in one. Let’s have a look:

  • If you’ve got big hands, you might find that the grip section of the stock might be just a little small, affecting the comfort level
  • If you need longer range cover from the scope, you might be a little put off by the distance the scope that’s fitted covers. You might want to consider upgrading to a more expensive, long distance accuracy scope for this matter.
  • It’s been reported by some users that the trigger pull on the Silent Cat is a little on the heavy side. This means that if you aren’t strong enough to pull the trigger, it’s going to offset the accuracy a little. This is easy to fix though, because triggers mechanism upgrades are super simple. Also, for adults who are looking to purchase this rifle, the trigger pull isn't an issue.
  • Because the Silent Cat is super powerful, lightweight ammo will be harder to keep accurate. To eliminate this problem however, you’d just want to consider using heavier projectiles. Read our pellet guide for beginners here.

What does it cost?

You can look to pay anything from $100 to around $200 for the Gamo Silent Cat. We recommend buying online from Amazon where you'll have access to a Gamo representative in case you have any issues with the Silent Cat or any other products you're considering purchasing.

Customers rave about the great customer service at Gamo. One of our customers recently bought the Gamo Silent Cat and wasn't overjoyed with the accuracy. He sent his concerns on directly to Gamo where a representative was in touch with him in less than an hour. They had him send in his current model for a new one in case there were any malfunctions. Way to go Gamo!​

Wrapping things up

When it comes to making a great investment in a whisper silent air rifle, you’d definitely be making the right choice when you opt for the Gamo Silent Cat. If you’ve got the financial means to do so, then there probably are some better makes and models out there, but for its price and features, this one is a winner!

Compared to other air rifles in its price class, the Gamo Silent Cat just stands out above the rest, and the fact that it can be used by anyone from a novice through to a pro, just makes it that much more attractive.

It does great in all round shooting purposes and the power and accuracy it comes with means you can use it for many different tasks. We’d recommend this one any day, whether you’re looking for a air rifle with a little less noise, or just wanting to get your hands on a pest control mechanism, Gamo Silent Cat is the way to go, and a pretty solid option.


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