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The Best GoPro Cameras for Hunting – 2018 Reviews

Maybe you recently discovered hunting as a hobby, or perhaps you are a seasoned hunter. No matter what the case is, hunting equipment has seen a lot of change over the past years. Nowadays, the GoPro hunting cameras are seen as a leader on the market due to their advanced technology features that improve the […]

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Homemade Shooting Targets – Your Essential D.I.Y Guide

Because who wants to spend a lot of money on things you’re going to shoot up in any way?Let’s face it: shooting a clay or paper targets is fun, but it can get pretty mundane after you’ve been targeting them for some time. Homemade shooting targets are fun to make and can help you up […]

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How to Use a Scope: Your Essential Guide

When it comes to hunting and shooting, one of the most critical aspects of effectively shooting at a target will be your rifle scope. A lot of folks don’t understand the importance of a great scope, and even more importantly, how to use a scope to its full extent.Most people use rifle scopes without properly […]

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