How to Make a BB Gun: The Fun-Time Guide

Maybe you’re a little bored, or perhaps you’d just like to show your kids how they can make their own BB gun at home, but for whatever reason you’re reading this post, be sure that it’s going to provide you with the perfect D.I.Y idea on how to craft your own airsoft gun from scratch!

While there are some seriously high-tech ways to get this done, we’re going to show you two simple and easy ways in which you can make your own BB gun. The items you’ll need to make two different homemade BB guns can be found around the home, so grab it, and let’s get to it, shall we?

Method One - The Pen and Eraser Holder BB Gun

You’ll need:

  • One mechanical pencil
  • 1 pen
  • A few rubber bands
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some scotch tape

Prepare the Items

Remove the cap from the pen and then unscrew the part of the pen which holds the ink from the outer plastic tube. Next, cut the closed end of the outer plastic tube so that it forms a single tube with two holes, one located at each end of the pen.

After the pen has been prepped, it’s time to remove the grip from the mechanical pencil, and then unscrew the top part of the pencil, where the lead comes out. If you can’t extract it, just cut that tip off. Take the eraser out of the one end of the pencil and make sure that there aren’t any leads inside the pencil. Next, cut the outer tube off the mechanical pencil so that you’ll be able to remove the inner part (which holds the lead).

At this point, you’ll have two components: the outer tube of your pen, and the inner part of your mechanical pencil.

Next, cut two notches in the circular area of the mechanical eraser where you’d typically find the eraser. The grooves you’re cutting should be located on opposite sides of the eraser holder. Actually, you’re creating a part of your ‘bb gun’ that will hold the rubber bands in place later.

Put the Pieces Together

You’re now going to combine the pencil and the pen’s separate components. Start by sliding the mechanical pencil’s ‘shaft’ into the pen’s tube. Don’t insert the tube all the way to the eraser holder. If the pencil’s shaft is too thin and slides into the pen’s tube, just wrap some scotch tape around it as to thicken it up so that it does not slide into the pen’s tube.

The few centimeters of pencil tubing that is now sticking out of the pen will be used to pull back and fire your makeshift gun once it is completed.

Bring In the Rubber Band(s)

Remember those notches you cut into the eraser holder earlier? Slip the rubber band into them and then stretch the band out roughly three-quarters of the length down the pen tube, toward the open end. Now twist the band a few times around the tube of the pen and then secure it with some tape.

Gather Some Ammo

After you’ve taped the rubber band(s) onto the tube (use more bands for increased power), you should be able to pull back on the eraser holder to ‘cock’ your BB gun. Once you release, the pencil tube should then shoot partially through the pen tube, but to stop it from entering the tube altogether, the tape comes into play. Ammo for your gun will be round objects that can fit into the space at the end of the pen tube. All that’s left to do now is to ready, aim, and fire your weapon, steering clear of anybody’s eyes.

Method Two - The Mechanical Pencil BB Gun

make a bb gun at home

You’ll need:

  • A Wire Cutter
  • A Pocket Knife
  • 1 Pen (larger than the mechanical pencil)
  • 1 Mechanical Pencil
  • Rubber band(s)
  • 1 Eraser

Prepare the Parts

Grab your mechanical pencil and then cut off the end, using your pocket knife. You should be able to take off the top as well as the inside of the mechanical pencil by just pulling on the eraser holder.

Next, start hollowing out the larger pen and then place the inside of the mechanical pencil inside the tube of the pen.

Put the Parts Together

Take the rubber band and then stretch it out towards the middle of the mechanical pencil. Next, cut a slit into the eraser and attach it to the weapon. Take a second rubber band and then wrap it to the first band, running along the barrel to secure it and hold it down.

Prepare to Fire

Pull back on the slide of your weapon and then insert the BB through the front. Once you let go, the bullet should go shooting out.

Where Can I See This in Action?

Luckily the internet is crammed full of helpful and exciting snippets and articles. You can check out this YouTube video on how to create a BB gun at home with a pencil, and this video shows details on the mechanical pencil method, which we explained in the second method of this post.

You can also have a look at this easy and creative way of making your own airsoft gun at home or this video which explains how to turn a 2L soft drink bottle into a BB gun!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found this post to be informative and fun to read and that it has shown you just how easy and effortless it can be to quickly craft your very own BB gun at home!


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