Most Powerful Air Rifle

When you are looking for an air rifle, there are a few things you want to consider. Most importantly, you want to outline what exactly you will be using the air rifle for because that will ultimately help you decide what air rifle is best for you. If you are using an air rifle to plink or for general target shooting, you will be looking for a completely different air rifle than if you were planning on hunting rabbits, squirrels or even raccoons. For hunting purposes, you are going to want one of the most powerful pellet guns or air rifles available which I will outline below with our hands-on comprehensive reviews!











Gamo Silent Stalker



Most Powerful Air Rifle

In case you are unfamiliar with the different calibres of air rifle, I have outlined the general purpose of each calibre below.

The .177 caliber is for shooters who are using the air rifle for recreational purposes including target shooting, plinking and the like. .177 calibre air rifles have come a long way since I was a kid and it’s amazing how fast these air rifle can shoot propelling pellets up to 1400 FPS in some cases. If accuracy is an important factor to you, and it likely is, than a .177 calibre pellet is your best choice. Lower calibre pellets like the .177 are lighter and although you can by powerful air rifles that shoot over 1000 FPS, accuracy starts to suffer, especially when using lighter versions of the .177 caliber pellets.

Please don’t hunt with the .177 as it’s just not ideal for actually killing your prey which means there is a very good chance you will be responsible for an animal suffering a slow and painful death. If you plan to hunt, please read on!

The .22 calibre pellet is the next level up although the there is .20 calibre which is a heck of alot less common than the .177 or the .22 calibre pellets. One of the most popular airgun calibres available in North America, it is the top choice for hunting small pest and the like. Although .177 calibre pellets can often times have a higher FPS what really needs to be considered if the FPE which is the Foot Pounds of Energy as it ultimately determines the effectiveness of causing damage in a projectile. This calibre of pellet can of course be great for plinking and target shooting as well but is generally less accurate than a .177 calibre air rifle.

Again, if you are looking to hunt larger prey than small pests, I recommend taking a look at the .25 calibre pellet.

The .25 calibre pellet is even heavier than the .22 calibre which helps to provide more FPE which is the stat you are looking for when determining the most powerful air rifle or the most powerful pellet gun (Keep in mind these terms are used interchangeably if you have not yet noticed).

When using these pellets, you are going to want to do your hunting from about 50 yards or less as accuracy really starts to drop off beyond that. Again, don’t shoot something you aren’t sure you take down with one shot. Shoot smart; shoot humanely.

What Else Do I Consider?

When selecting the most powerful air rifle, you want to also it meets a standard you will be happy with for years to come. Make sure the air rifle you select comes with at least some type of warranty because as you might already be aware the most powerful pellet gun isn’t always the cheapest. If you are going to make an investment, ensure that investment won’t let you down.

Remember as well to take your time and the read reviews (Amazon is Great!) of owners who have used these guns in the field extensively. In the below list, we haven't just considered power either. We've also considered accuracy and a powerful air rifle isn't going to get the job done if it can't shoot worth a damn.

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack Air Rifle (.22 Calibre)

A .22 caliber pellet rifle that can shoot up 1200 FPS definitely makes our list for on of most powerful pellet guns. The ultimate combo package, the Varmint Power pack included the air rifle, a recoil-proof 90-lumen LED flashlight and red Class III fast acquisition laser. Some might consider it a bit overkill but for those looking for something with a little bit of ‘flash,’ this might be air rifle for you.

The Benjamin Varmint is a break barrel air rifle and is powered by Crossman Nitro Piston technology which maximizes power and minimizes noise and recoil. In the test field, we found the accuracy took quite a bit of time and even once we did have it dialed in, it didn’t perform like some of the other air rifles we have reviewed. With that being said, it’s an affordable option that packs a punch and is great for taking down pest from 20-30 yards.

Umarex Octane Air Rifle Combo (.177/.22 calibre)

A fantastic air rifle which makes our list for the most powerful pellet gun as it produces some really impressive numbers from testing. I had heard some issues prior to receiving this particular model that it had some issues with accuracy but I didn’t have any trouble. I spent the first 30 minutes with it breaking it in on the range and after about 250 shots, I had it calibrated just right as I was grouping shots from about 40 yards out.

The Umarex is a powerful air rifle for those looking to use it for pest control. It’s again a bit heavy as it does pack a punch so I don’t recommend putting this under the Christmas tree for anybody under the age of 16. But for someone who has a bit more experience, I think you’ll have a tough time beating it!

Webley Patriot Air Rifle (.25 calibre)

A little lesser known but one still one of my favorites, the Webley Patriot Air Rifle Combo is a thing of beauty. I am a bit of a sucker for the classic wooden pellet gun which is where I think I first get caught up with the Patriot. A spring piston break-barrel air rifle, it doesn’t skimp on the power. In the test field, I was getting upwards of 800 FPS with the lighter pellets and as high as 600 FPS with the heaviest pellets which in this case we used the Beeman Kodiak product.

None the less, it’s a solid hunting air rifle which makes my list for the most powerful air rifles available. Although I don’t hunt a ton, I am confident that taking down medium sized pests inside of 40 yards will not be a problem. Keep in mind, this isn’t an air rifle I would recommend for a first time shooter or a young lad. It’s quite heavy and takes quite a bit of force to cock. However, I definitely recommended this air rifle for someone who is looking to do some serious pest control.

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle

If you've looked throughout our site , you'll know we love pretty much anything that comes from Gamo. The silent stalker is no different as it offers power at a great price of less than $300 in some cases. The technology used is actually quite different when compared to other air rifles. One example is how it's able to fire ammunition using inert gas technology which is ultimately what allowed it to make our list of the most powerful air rifles available.

The rifle will come equipped with dual fiber optic sites and is capable of shooting in pretty much any type of weather condition. A noise dampener provides both recoil protection and the silence you'll need if you're planning on using the air rifle for hunting.

The Gamo Silent Stalker weighs in at approximately 7 pounds, making it easy to use and to carry over long distances. I've personally packed this rifle on a few hunting trips and it's been fantastic to travel with. 


Hi! I'm Dave - an air rifle enthusiast and a bit of a geek to be honest. When I'm not out at the range or on a hunting trip, I enjoy writing about different air rifle products and accessories.