4-16X Variable Tactical Scope

Pellet Gun Scopes

So what makes the scope on a pellet gun different than the one fitted on a firearm? Well, actually there are two differences, and they are 1.adjustable objectives and 2.anchored optics. If you’re a little lost here, let’s just go over what this means

Adjustable objectives let the shooter focus from a very close distance for any distance. 10 meters to infinity. To accommodate the long distance shooting of a hunting firearm, most firearm scopes are parallax set for 100 yards or more. Contrary to firearms, pellet gun scopes allow the shooter to adjust the parallax in order to accommodate for shorter distances, which is essential for achieving maximum accuracy.

Anchored Optics is when the optics is anchored front and back, in order to handle the forward and backward recoil, which is caused by the mainspring’s movement. In a firearm, you’d normally just focus on the amount of recoil, in a pellet gun however, the amount of recoil as well as the direction of the recoil matters a great deal. Firearms only recoil backwards, while pellet guns go both forward and backwards. This is exactly why you need a scope designed specifically for air guns, and also why damages occur when firearm scopes are fitted to pellet guns.

So do I need to worry about Recoil Rating?

YES! Always ensure that you check the recoil rating on an air rifle scope, because even though you think it’s suitable, doesn’t mean it will be able to take the impact of the recoil. Some scopes made for pellet guns can only handle light recoil air guns, while others were made with a heavier impact in mind. Generally speaking, the ratings go from Low, Medium High and No Recoil, and you should choose the scope according to you pellet gun.

So what scope should I choose?

If you’re looking for a lower cost product that still delivers exceptional performance, we’d steer you in the direction of Leapers Scopes. Why? Well because we love the way Lepers constantly aims at improving the experience of air gunners with their innovative new designs.

What makes Leaper’s so great?

5th Generation Scope Tubes – The latest and greatest from Leapers. Most scopes on the market come with bodies made from thin-walled tubing that is drawn into shape. What’s really great about the 5th Gen scope tubes from Leapers is their strength. We’re not going to go into the nitty gritty of how exactly they get them to be that rugged, we’ll just leave it at, they surely were built with durability in mind. The 5th Generation scopes from Leapers are by the way the smallest credible air gun scope on the market today and they are seriously small and lightweight.

Adjustments on the Scope – all Leapers scopes come with an adjustment value of 1/8" or 1/4" at 100 yards. Obviously the click values are approximate, and no scope ever adjusts to the precise specs by the manufacturer.

Lenses – All Leapers Scopes lenses are emerald-coated on both surfaces. What this does is allow a lot of light to pass through the glass. The deal on this is that contrary to what most people think, conventional rifle scopes don’t gather light, they merely let high percentages of light pass through the optics. The better the scope, the less light the scope itself absorbs as it passes through, looking lighter as a result. This is exactly where the Leapers Scopes are at, among the best.

Leapers Scopes we love


This scope is massively accurate at 35 yards thanks to the variable-power scope with its fixed parallax adjustment. It’s actually great for all kinds of shooting, coming in at a mid-range distance. It has great range finding capabilities and comes in at under $100, making it affordable quality.



With a mil-dot reticle, illuminated reticle and parallax adjustment down to 3 yards, this compact scope really is something special. It lets you focus on something like a blade of grass and then turn the parallax ring out to infinity, giving you excellent range coverage! We don’t think other rifle scopes really even measure up to this, seeing that until recently 10 yards was considered the standard.

It comes a compact glass that offers a red AND green illuminated reticle, giving you 5 levels of intensity on each setting.


4-16X Variable Tactical Scope

This scope has an adjustable parallax wheel mounted on the left side, which makes parallax adjusting easy, letting you determine the range to the target by rotating the wheel until the image is sharp. This relatively new model in the Leapers Scopes range is set to be big news, bringing you great quality at a seriously affordable price.

4-16X Variable Tactical Scope

Wrapping it up

There’s a lot to consider when you’re in the market for a new rifle scope, and hopefully what we’ve shown you here gives you some brand new insight on the topic. We’ve also shown a great alternative for seriously affordable price that bring you pro quality results, Leapers Scopes is clearly the budget friendly way to go.


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