Quietest Air Rifle: Hands-on Reviews

Sometimes, it’s not about having the most accurate pellet gun or the most powerful pellet gun. Sometimes it’s important that you have the quietest pellet gun and for many reasons. I have many customers for example who have come in upset because the pellet gun they just purchased is making all the dogs bark in the neighborhood every time it’s fired. For those customers who live in more urban environments, it’s important to have an air rifle which is silenced to some degree. This will allow you to shoot recreationally in the backyard and not raise too many alarm bells from overly sensitive neighbours.

Umarex Fusion Combo

  • CO2 Powered
  • 750 FPS

Winchester Model Air Rifle

  • Pellets & BB's
  • 800 FPS

Beeman RS2 Air Rifle

  • .177 Caliber
  • 1000 FPS

How to choose a quiet air rifle

quietest air rifles

Our list won't be as quiet as these...

Don’t let the advertisements fool you. You need hands-on review to be able to determine which air rifle is the quietest and most important for you. For example the ‘Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro,’ which has the top noise suppressant technology available will create a lot of noise soley because it fires over 1200 FPS. The 1200 FPS mark is around the point when a pellet will break the sound barrier meaning a loud pop will be experienced which is basically unpreventable.

So obviously one thing you want to consider is the power of the air rifle. Anything that shoots over 1200 FPS or close to you should try to avoid as it’s probably going to create too much noise for someone looking for a quiet pellet gun.

One thing you also want to consider is what you’ll be using the pellet gun for. For most people seeking a quiet air rifle, I see it mostly used for recreational purposes. Either plinking or target shooting, you don’t necessarily need anything with a lot of power so focusing on purchasing a gun which has a mix of accuracy and noise-dampening technology is the way to go.

Caliber of Air Rifle

If you’re concerned about the amount of noise your pellet gun is going to make, ensure you stick to options in the .177 caliber range. Anything above will generally produce more power as they have to fire heavier pellets. Anytime more power is produced, you can be pretty sure that more noise will be produced as well.

I have had some customers ask me about quiet pellet guns for hunting and I will lead them to a few options in .22 caliber range which have enough power to bring down small game like jack rabbits, but anything beyond small game is just too big to have a chance to bring down with an air rifle in which you’re concerned about power.

Obviously .25 caliber air rifles are without questions too powerful and will create way too much noise for someone looking to minimize noise.

Power-Source of Air Rifle

There are also different types of air rifles to consider when choosing the quietest air rifle. Generally, spring-powered air rifles will not be quiet as you have a variety of moving parts to consider. You’ll generally want to look at Pneumatic and CO2 options as compressed air will provide the least amount of sound when you click the trigger.

Our Choices for Quietest Pellet Guns

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

With an FPS at the absolute maximum before making that loud 'POP' noise we're accustomed too, the 1200 FPS the Gamo Silent Cat provides will give you pretty much everything you need out of one of the best and quietest air rifles on the market. 

I think the biggest highlight of the Gamo Silent Cat is the accuracy which is amazing. After a few hundred rounds, you'll have same hole groups from around 20 yards which is pretty darn impressive. ​

The scope which is included is surprisingly not ​terrible and provides solid eye relief. One reported drawback however is that in very bright light, fiber dots on the iron sights 'wash' in to the scope a little bit. All in all - not a bad scope for a bundle. 

The final point I want to make is that this air rifle can be used for hunting small game​ which is a bonus if you're looking for both a relatively quiet rifle with enough power to do some hunting. You will not be dissapointed with this air rifle!

Umarex Fusion Combo

Perhaps my favorite option when considering a quiet pellet gun, the Umarex Fusion Combo is a thing of beauty. With a velocity of 750 FPS, you have a good mix of power and comfort that you won’t be causing too much noise. Powered by dual CO2 canisters, this is a bolt-action single-shot air rifle so do be aware of that.

Umarex Fusion Combo

One of the features I really like is the SilenceAIR integral noise dampener which makes it completely backyard friendly. The sounds the target makes when struck will be comparable to the sound of the pellet being sprung forward at 750FPS.

Accuracy wise, the Umarex also performs. After a break-in period of about 200 shots (standard issue) I was able to zero in my target within about a quarter which I was impressed with. I feel like for someone who is plinking in the backyard or target shooting with friends, it’s a great option. The scope provided isn’t awesome but it can be switched up with something else if necessary.

Winchester Model Air Rifle

Winchester Model Air Rifle

Another fantastic air rifle at a great price this pellet gun/bb gun hybrid will allow you to fire up to 800 FPS while staying under the radar of any neighbours. The Winchester Model is a multi-pump pneumatic action rifle which means it requires you to pump the air rifle to produce the power.

It takes about three pumps for indoor use; target shooting or plinking, and about 10 pumps to achieve maximum velocity- up to 800 FPS! The nice things about pneumatic guns in general is that they are generally quiet and the Winchester Model is no different.

With great feel and balance, this is a solid and durable air rifle. I however do not recommend this pellet gun for hunting as I find pneumatic air rifles to unreliable as to the FPE you’ll produce. If you happen to under-pump just once or twice, you might be hitting an animal which will be killed in one shot which is something you always want to avoid.

Beeman RS2 Air Rifle Combo

The Beeman RS2 is known as one of the quietest pellet guns in the world. We measured the decibel level per shot and from point blank range, it's only about 88 decibels per shot which pretty darn fantastic. With options in the .177 caliber range and the .20 caliber, our tests were done with the .177 but the .20 is only slightly louder.

Beeman Rs2

As this is a break-barrel air rifle, the cocking method isn't all that easy. Keep this in mind if you're planning on using this air rifle with youth as reloading might be a bit strenuous. It's not going to be making our list for great hunting air rifles, as it doesn't provide the right amount of power to be taking down game of any size but it is a fantastic plinking air rifle.

As for accuracy, we were extremely impressed. We were able to zero in pretty quickly and it's great from about 35 yards and closer. Beyond 35 yards, we found the .177 caliber option in particular starts to fall off.

A Little Bit Quieter?

For those who are looking to perhaps modify their air rifles to become even quieter, check out this cool video below on how to add an additional suppressor.




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